The Vision

The Vision

What is Vision 20/20?

Vision 20/20 is an initiative designed to transform Lake Havasu City by focusing on a common mission to reverse the current economic trend and begin cycling back to net gains for a healthy economy.

lakehavasuTogether, we can change the story of Lake Havasu City. We are collaborators. We are committed to our citizens. We are game changers. We are the future.

To transform our economy, we must work together to reach our goals. For our community to survive we must diversify the economy, build on the entrepreneurial spirit of Robert P. McCulloch, who brought us the London Bridge, have an educated workforce with the skills needed by our employers and continue to be a destination of choice.

As part of the America’s Best Communities contest, committed leadership has taken action to identify Lake Havasu City’s biggest challenges to future economic growth and has engaged the community in conversation on how to address these challenges and identify opportunities.

You can help. Join Us and be a Part of the Havasu Vision 20/20.


The Revitalization Plan is not a vision or a plan for “this is what we would like to happen.” It is about how we can take action and change our current path. The plan is action-oriented — what can we do today to make a difference for tomorrow?

Each of the Five Pillars of the Revitalization Plan are separate action plans with key strategies and tactics to achieve specified goals. Each plan also has multiple Implementing Partners that have agreed to work collaboratively on the strategies and actions of each Pillar.

Implementing Partners are incorporating these tactical actions into their existing work programs and efforts; some will be totally changing their programs to focus on the Pillar initiatives and others, such as volunteer associations, will need funding and/or staff assistance.

Some projects will need more resources as implementation moves forward, which would be identified by Pillar Co-Champions and Implementing Partners.


The America’s Best Communities (ABC) contest application effort and the Revitalization Plan have been stewarded by stakeholders (ABC Team) dedicating their time to engage, align and identify partners, businesses and individuals to collaboratively create a plan for change.

Upon completion of the Revitalization Plan, the ABC Team will continue in a collaborative leadership role to be a feedback body for the Launch Implementation Plan (2016-2017, 11 months) and representative body to the ABC Contest.

ABC Team

Mike Bonney
Jerri Bracamonte
Donna McCoy
Charlie Cassens
Jerry Ernst
Carl Flusche
James Gray
Keith Helmer
Gary Kellogg
Matt Kross
Lisa Krueger
Mark Nexsen
Michael Patterson
Brian Riley
Jim Salscheider
Cal Sheehy
Brian Springberg
Steve Van Ella
Dr. David Young
Andrew Campbell
Ashley Pascual
Brandon Bowers
Brett Qualls
Chad Nelson
Clay Connelly
Dr. Doyle Wilson
Dustin Runyon
Ginny Sautner
Jaime Festa-Daigle
Jo Navaretta
Kelly Garry
Luke Still
Mark Retersdorf
Mike Quinn
Mychal Gorden
Nello Ruscitti
Stephanie Woo
Tania Sobchuck
Tonya Krueger
Aymie Spitzer
Sam Stebila
Diana Asseier
Alex McClane
Carla Betancourt
Cheyenne Halfacre-Buie
Ella Wofford
Garrett McNerney
Hayden Lintz
Jeremy Abbot
Jersey Orias
Stephanie Nelson
Tatum Bracamonte



• Preside over the ABC Contest Process.
• Meet Quarterly with Co-Champions.
• Lead annual meeting.
• Be responsive to residents, organizations and media.
• Individual participation in a Pillar, as desired.


• Participate with lead agency of a Pillar to shepherd the transformative initiatives and ensure focus is on point.
• Connect Implementing Partners to networks and resources.
• Liaison back to ABC Team (quarterly).


• Coordinate with all partners in the Pillar.
• Implement actions of the Pillar.
• Coordinate communications strategy.
• Report to City Council bi-annually.
• Participate and present at annual meeting.

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