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Revitalizing Our Economy

Together, we can change the story of Lake Havasu City. We are collaborators. We are committed to our citizens. We are game changers. We are the future.


For our community to survive we must diversify the economy, build on the entrepreneurial spirit of Robert P. McCulloch, who brought us the London Bridge, have an educated workforce with the skills needed by our employers and continue to be a destination of choice.

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The Revitalization Plan is not a vision or a plan for “this is what we would like to happen.” It is about how we can take action and change our current path.

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The America’s Best Communities Team dedicating their time to engage, align and identify partners, businesses and individuals to collaboratively create a plan for change.

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“Lake Havasu City is at a crossroad. If we are to achieve greatness as a city, we need to think aggressively and big. We know what we can become, we just need to concentrate our efforts and commit to change.

The America’s Best Communities process has given us the extra incentive we needed to more fully engage the community to seek a collective vision for our future. With thoughtful input from the community through surveys, a Town Hall, collaborative work sessions and individual meetings, we have created our revitalization plan, called Vision 20/20 — built on five Pillars for Change. But this is just the beginning. We will continue to solicit input through future town hall meetings and will update our plan as needed to keep a clear focus on the future to build upon our success. Clearly through the competition process, Lake Havasu City has become a more engaged community which will result in the sustained economic momentum that will strengthen and protect Lake Havasu City’s quality of life, natural resources, and economic security.

With our partner organizations and keen focus on the Five Pillars of Change identified in the economic development plan, I am confident we will be able to accomplish our goals and vision for Lake Havasu City for years to come!”

~ Mark Nexsen

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